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A piece of your
most important moments
on display in your

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It all started with a COVID wedding...

In August 2020, my husband and I pulled off a small wedding, surrounded by our masked and socially-distanced families.  I thought ahead and purchased what I needed to create coasters with my flowers so I could appreciate them in my day-to-day life.  After preserving some bouquets for friends as wedding gifts, I decided to offer up my skill and passion to other brides looking to get the most out of their flowers! 

My goal is not only to preserve your flowers to last for years, but to create pieces that fit your life and can be used and enjoyed every day.  If it's coasters, shadow boxes, vanity trays, jewelry, or whatever we decide.  I want to be sure you can enjoy your flowers in a way that is meaningful to you!

Let's Get Started!

Assemble your package

Choose the combination you want based on your budget and how much you want preserved.

*Minimum $250 order required (before fees)*

Some pieces require 2D pressed flowers, and others require 3D silica gel-dried flowers, and the type of flowers each piece takes is noted in each description.  With any method of flower drying, there will be some change in color in the end product.  The process to dry flowers in 3D will hold the original color better than pressing flowers.


I do not offer color correction.

Main Pieces


Resin Square with Dried Flowers

6x6” - $275
8x8"- $385
10x10"- $515

The best way to keep the vibe of your arrangement intact.  The bigger the block, the closer we can get to the original layout of your arrangement.  If you want more of an artists interpretation, go smaller.  (Pictured is the 6x6 block)

I do not offer blocks larger than 10"x10".

Uses 3D Dried flowers

Wood Shadow Box with Dried Flowers

8"x8" - $90
8"x10" - $135
11x14" or 12x12" $185
Add vinyl lettering: $15

Flowers are coated in a thin layer of resin to protect petals from falling off over time.  Great if you're wanting to keep the vibe of your arrangement without the cost of a resin block.  I can include pieces like cake toppers, invitations, photos or other keepsakes from your event.

Uses 3D Dried Flowers

image0 (2)_edited.jpg

Resin Serving Tray with Pressed Flowers

14"x9" - $250 Straight edge, or imperfect edge 

With or without handles (Handles add $10)

Painted metallic leaf edge optional

Your choice between gold or silver details

Use on your coffee table, in your bathroom, on your nightstand, or wherever you'd need a tray to keep trinkets on.

Uses 2D Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers in Frame

Choice of:

1. Hanging frame with chain: Gold or black

2. Hanging frame without chain: Gold, silver, or black

8"x8" - $80     8"x12" - $125     11"x14" - $175

Add vinyl lettering: $15

Add an invitation or a picture to create an extra special piece.

Uses 2D Pressed Flowers


For the Home


Ring Holder


Ring holders are a great way to display your groom's boutonniere.  His and Hers ring holders (like the ones pictured) are perfect to keep on your nightstands!

Uses 3D Dried Flowers in resin

Coasters, Set of 4


Coasters are my favorite thing to make with wedding flowers.  I love getting to enjoy my own flower coasters every time I sip my coffee in my living room!

Choose: Square, Circle, or Hexagon

Uses 2D Pressed Flowers, or very flat 3D Flowers in resin.

image0 (1).jpeg

Standing Heart


Super cute little heart holds a few medium sized flowers and greenery.  Great for keeping something at your desk!  Approximately 3.75" tall x 3.75" wide

Uses 3D Dried Flowers in resin.

For Fun



Resin Round with Vinyl Lettering (Not pictured) - $60

A little tip... Keep the ribbon from your bouquet or wedding program: they make great ribbons for ornaments!!!  

Add a photo for $10

Ideas for vinyl lettering message: Our First Christmas + year, Mr and Mrs Lastname, Wedding date, Best Day Ever, etc.


Ball Stud Earrings - $20

Dangle Earrings - $40

Necklace Pendant with Chain - $50

Something to wear on special occasions or everyday.  We will collaborate on the style.  Sterling silver or gold filled.  I use materials that are safe for most sensitive skin.

Necklaces are only available in circular settings.

Note: I can only use small flowers or pieces from larger flowers for jewelry.  I will not be able to represent your whole bouquet in a piece of jewelry.


Have something in mind that isn't on this page?  Bring you idea to our first meeting and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Additional Fees

$100 for projects under $400
$200 for projects over $400

This will be applied to your final total.  It helps cover any up-front material costs.

Flower Transport Fee
Price Varies

1. I get the flowers from your event - Free for first 15 miles*
2. Someone brings flowers to me the next day - Free for first 15 miles*
3. You ship previously dried flowers to me - Cost of shipping**

Project Delivery Fee
Price Varies

1. We find a place to meet - 
Free for first 15 miles*
2. I ship them to you - Price of Ground Shipping to your address.

*Free for the first 15 miles round trip from 95765, then $0.50/mile each mile after, up to 120 miles round trip.
**I do not accept live flower shipments.  I will only work with live flowers from local weddings, or dried flowers from past occasions.

Payment and deposit made via Zelle or Venmo.  Once final payment is made and projects are finished, your items will be shipped/delivered.

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