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A collage of your favorite memories on display in your day-to-day 


I had four garbage bags full of shirts I'd collected since I was 6 years old.

One day, I just looked up on YouTube how to create a t-shirt quilt and got busy!  I made a "trial quilt" with some shirts I was slightly less attached to... and it still turned out pretty great.  I now have two twin sized quilts where I can look at all of my favorite sports and college memories in one place.  It's so fun to pull out and explain to people where each shirt came from!

It's so hard to get rid of shirts... from band concerts, to sports teams, to special family trips or gifts.  Let me put something together for you that you can snuggle with and enjoy without worry that you'll someday need to donate your favorite shirts to make space in your life for new memories!

Let's Get Started!

Choose your style

Decide if you want a collage-style quilt or a block-style quilt.  I'll then take your shirts, create a mock-up of your design and tell what size you'll need to fit that many shirts.  I'll then give you a price quote based on the size necessary to accommodate everything, and we can change the size or split your shirts into two blankets if needed.


Fun fact: Unused t-shirt fabric is donated to RETOLD RECYCLING and kept out of landfill :)

Collage-Style Quilt

Collage-style quilts are great when you are wanting to keep shirts that have varying sizes of designs on them.  Size of the quilt will depend on the number of shirts sent to me.  I will quote based on the size of quilt needed to accommodate all of your shirts.


4' x 5' - $275

5' x 5' - $325

5' x 6' - $365

5' x 7' or 6'x6' - $425

7' X 7' - $475

If you have only a few shirts, I can get creative with the design!  This pricing system will be used and you can choose what size you want the quilt to be made to.

Have hat patches or other patches you want to include?  I'll sew them onto their own blocks for $3 per patch.

Block-Style Quilt

All t-shirts are cut to a 12"x12" square.  If shirts have designs larger than the set size block, the design will be cut off at the edges.

4' x 5' " - $140 (20 shirts)

5' x 5' - $175 (25 shirts)

5' x 6' - $210 (30 shirts)

5' x 7' or 6' x 6' - $250 (35 or 36 shirts)

6' x 7' - $270 (42 shirts)

7' x 7' - $290 (49 shirts)

Patches cannot be included on these shirts.  If the size of the shirt is smaller than 12"x12" (i.e. baby onesies or toddler shirts), they cannot be included.

Untitled presentation_edited.jpg

Customize Your Quilt

(Links are included to define different quilting terms)

Backing fabric, your choice of color:

--Fleece, for a cozy blanket

--Cotton with batting, for a classic quilt feel ($1 per square foot upcharge.

For example: 60"x72" quilt would be an additional $30).


Your choice of plain color or print fabric.

Top Stitching:

Additional $3 per square foot

Examples are in the form you'll fill out when we finalize details.

Deposit $100 per quilt.  Payment and deposit made via invoice or Venmo.  Once final payment is made and projects are finished, your items will be shipped/delivered.

If we are meeting in person: Travel for me is free for the first 15 miles round trip from 95765, then $0.50/mile each mile after, up to 120 miles round trip. This fee applies to both the initial pick up of shirts, and for the delivery of the finished quilt.

If you are shipping shirts from out of town, you will pay the cost of shipping to get your shirts to me.  A fee of $25 will be added to your final total to pay for me to ship your blanket back to you!

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